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What to expect as a Chef Apprentice

Kat  Ross our consultant managing the role
Author Kat Ross

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When doing a chef apprenticeship, the kitchen isn’t your typical classroom; it’s more like a hands-on workshop where you’re not just watching from the side-lines but jumping right into the action. You’ll learn how to cook up tasty treats and ensure they reach the table right on cue to mastering your knife skills and refining your attention to detail.

What does a Chef Apprentice do?

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As you begin your journey as a Chef Apprentice, you’ll discover the power of teamwork. You’ll learn that communication is your secret ingredient, making every kitchen task a fun collaboration with your fellow chefs. It’s not just about the recipes, you’ll also get the low down on business and brand rules, ensuring every dish you create matches the spec.

But that’s not all – you’ll be a bit of a legal whizz too, making sure your tasty treats follow all the important rules. Hygiene isn’t just about keeping yourself clean; you’ll be a hygiene master, making sure the kitchen sparkles too.

Ever wondered how to handle all those kitchen tools? Get ready to learn and use them like a pro, making your cooking adventures way more awesome. And when it comes to cooking procedures, you’ll be a master in the kitchen. Oh, and safety? It’s not just a word, it’s your guiding star. Your tasty treats won’t just taste amazing, they’ll also meet top safety standards.

So being a chef apprentice isn’t just about the cooking, its your journey where you become a kitchen saint, armed with skills and knowledge.

Why become a Chef Apprentice?

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Imagine being paid to learn the secrets of a kitchen – that’s what being an apprentice is all about! Forget the idea of being stuck in a classroom all day; our apprenticeship is for the hands-on crew who’d rather be flipping food than flipping textbooks.

Here’s the deal: only three hours a week of self-study – that’s less time than binging your favourite series! Plus, we mix it up with face-to-face sessions, webinars and even some virtual classrooms. It’s like having your own culinary adventure, and guess what? You won’t be alone! Your learning coach has your back the whole way.

A chance to learn from the pro's...

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Being an apprentice with us isn’t just about cooking up a storm in the kitchen, it’s also your golden ticket to the Chef Academy. Four awesome masterclasses sprinkled throughout your learning journey. It’s not just about learning, it’s about diving into new ways of working, all backed by our apprenticeship partner Lifetime and some seriously skilled chef mentors.

Get ready to level up your culinary game with masterclasses in: Fish and Shellfish; Vegetarian and Vegan wonders; Meal and Poultry mastery and the sweet world of Pastry, Cakes, Sponges and Desserts.

And here’s another bonus, you won’t be alone during these classes. You’ll get to connect with other aspiring chefs, share tips and trade stories.

Here's what some our our Chef Apprentices have to say...

Ethan Moody: Cooking has been my passion since the age of four. My apprenticeship offers unique opportunities with great masterclasses. I wanted a course that combined both physical and theory learning, supporting me to hopefully become a great chef. This route is perfect for me, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Thomas Scarrott: I didn’t have a good relationship with learning at school, as I am more practically minded. My apprenticeship has been amazing, the one-to-one support has really pushed me positively to be the best I can be in my role back of house. I have learnt so much about being a chef and want to progress further within Greene King.

Christine Partington: The apprenticeship has helped progress my career and learn skills in a different aspect of the business.

If the culinary world has captured your curiosity, why wait? Begin your culinary journey now by registering your interest here

Kat  Ross our consultant managing the role
Author Kat Ross


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