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How to become a chef

Caroline  Atkins our consultant managing the role

You might have heard the popular quote ‘Anyone can cook’ from the movie Ratatouille - this is something we stand behind! Have you ever been drawn by the aroma of freshly cooked dishes or super impressed by the Instagramable and beautiful presentation of food? You might have the eye and nose for being a Chef. 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become a Chef. Chef life is not just about mastering a recipe, it is about passion, skill and an adaptable mind.

At Greene King, we are all about bringing communities together, where everyone can have a good time and eat great food.

Start your journey to becoming a Chef with us. 

Is it difficult to become a chef in the UK?

Starting a career as a Chef is about finding the right opportunity and at Greene King we have many. A lot of the learning and gaining culinary skills, is through on-the-job training and time in the kitchen. To start, it’s just a matter of finding an opportunity to gain the experience that will kick-start your culinary career. You never know, you might be the next Gorden Ramsey in the making!

If you have a keen eye for maintaining the highest standards and thrive in a fast-paced environment, you have the key qualities we look for in our teams. Once you join and start working in harmony in the kitchen, you’ll quickly become an invaluable kitchen team member.

Become a Chef through an apprenticeship 

Many Chefs start their careers off by joining a credited apprenticeship program. It’s one of the best ways to learn all the key skills you’ll need and get a certification all at the same time. As you develop in your career and gain experience, there are so many new routes to take to become a specialist Chef in an area you are most passionate about, like becoming a patisserie Chef. 

At Greene King, we have some of the best hospitality apprenticeships available in the UK. Take a look at Chef roles and see if you could see yourself cooking up a storm in the kitchen, creating heart-warming dishes for customers.

What does a Chef job description at Greene King look like?

Our Chefs at Greene King are at the heart of our kitchen operations. Why? Well without food and drink, hospitality just wouldn’t be possible. Chefs help create beautiful moments by delivering high-quality food with amazing flavour. 

This is what you can expect as a Chef at Greene King:

  • Preparing and cooking meals that meet customer expectations.
  • Maintaining high hygiene levels and safety regulations in the kitchen.
  • Working with safety in mind for your team, customers and yourself.
  • Always communicating clearly with your team members.

In hospitality, things can sometimes be unpredictable. Such as a fast-paced environment like a pub kitchen, there is always something that can change. This could be new products, menus or processes. Being quick on your feet is important to manage day-to-day tasks.

What qualifications do you need to be a Chef?

Many people who are excited about joining the culinary arts often start with an apprenticeship or a search to do a cooking diploma and take lessons. But often, there isn’t a set rule or regulation of any certification to become a Chef

If you are wondering, how to become a Chef with no experience or qualification, here is how. At Greene King, we offer people the opportunity to start a career in hospitality with no experience. We look for a mindset that is eager to learn, takes on board our values and behaviours and is passionate about the job. 

Here are some key skills that will help you when applying you’re for Chef jobs with us:

  • Having the agility to work well under pressure and as a team.
  • A passion for making delicious and well-presented meals for customers every time.
  • Being able to be proactive and help out in different areas of the kitchen when needed.
  • Most importantly, having a desire to learn new skills and be a self-starter.

We have a diverse and inclusive culture, where you will meet wonderful people and make lifelong friendships while learning culinary skills at the same time.

Apply now and cook up your dream career!

Now that you have explored the roadmap to becoming a Chef, it's time to take the first step. Whether you are seeking your first kitchen job or ready to go straight to applying to be a Chef, the world of cooking is waiting for passionate and talented individuals like you. At Greene King, we don’t wait for the perfect moment, we create it!

Are you ready to turn your culinary dreams into reality? The kitchen is calling, answer with passion and skill!

Apply for Chef roles today and start a journey filled with new flavours and endless possibilities.

Caroline  Atkins our consultant managing the role


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