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Chloe's Career Progression at Greene King: An Inspiring Example of Growth and Success

Rachel  Jones our consultant managing the role

What is career progression? 

Career progression is all about moving up and forward in your career, taking on more responsibilities, getting better at what you do, and even exploring new roles or promotions along the way. 

Here at Greene King, we support career development through training programmes, mentorship, and recognising your hard work. 

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Chloe Skinner, Digital Support Team Leader at our Head Office, is a great example of how you can progress your career at Greene King.

Dive into Chloe's incredible journey, showcasing how she transformed her role from Social Media Administrator to a Team Leader. 

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When did you join Greene King and why?

“I joined Greene King in the first week of January 2022, as a Social Media Administrator on a temp contract to support the social media team with conducting their audit and answering pub queries. 

I initially joined Greene King because it offered hybrid working. However, after meeting the team and being shown the ropes, I quickly learnt that everyone within the Social Media team was super welcoming and genuinely lovely people!”

At Greene King, we value each person's unique contribution and we are proud to celebrate our successes together. 

Whether you're serving customers at the pub or working behind the scenes, Greene King's culture is all about supporting each other, growing personally, and making sure every customer has an amazing time.

What made you say yes to a permanent role?

“7 months in I was offered a permanent role, I said yes because I was given the opportunity to lead a small team with a promotion. 

This also gave me the chance to help shape how the new team were going to operate moving forward. This was no longer just a job, but a start to creating a career.”

At Greene King, it's not just about having a job; it's about building a career path that's exciting and fulfilling. 

You can define your own career path so if you are interested in exploring the work of other departments or locations, you are more than welcome to explore these opportunities. 

What do you enjoy most about being a Digital Support Team Leader?

“This role allows me to explore the technical side of things, enabling me to find solutions, problem solve and troubleshoot social platforms. 

I enjoy project work, like our recent social media tool, where I learn new methods and experiment with setups. 

I also love helping to guide my team's growth, engaging in insightful check-ins to aid in their future plans and career development.” 

How have your managers and team supported you?

“My manager's incredible – she's been my cheerleader since day one, boosting my confidence from the start. We catch up every week, without fail, and her support navigating Greene King has been invaluable. 

The team's fantastic too! Each member champions my efforts, nominating me for our monthly awards, and I've been lucky to win about three times. 

Working with the social team feels like being part of a tight-knit work family – we celebrate each other's victories, and I can’t think of a better bunch of people to work with.” 

Our values help define who we want to be and caring is in our DNA. This looks like embracing individuality and caring for each other, our pubs, our environment and the community.

What would be your advice to someone thinking of applying for a marketing job at Greene King?

“Don’t be put off from applying if you don’t meet all the requirements of the role. Character traits are just as important as qualifications, and similar experience outside of marketing is also an added benefit. 

If you can show initiative and passion, then submit an application.”

We value enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and a hunger for growth. Your willingness to learn and contribute is what truly counts.

When applying, focus on highlighting your strengths, transferable skills, and any relevant experiences that showcase your potential. We value diverse perspectives and talent

“My one word to sum up my time at Greene King would be, ’Growth’. I have been given the freedom to succeed.” 

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our diverse range of roles and departments offer opportunities for development, learning, and making a real impact. 

Just like Chloe, you can progress your career to new heights. Join us at Greene King's Head Office, where you can shape your future and career. 

Rachel  Jones our consultant managing the role


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