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Crafting careers at Greene King: A Pub to Head Office success story

Tom  Risley our consultant managing the role

At Greene King, we believe in nurturing our talent. One of our values embodies this - freedom to succeed. This looks like giving our colleagues the freedom to explore and create their own career paths. 

Meet Avril, a shining example of how starting in our vibrant pubs can lead to fulfilling roles in our Head Office. 

Get ready to be inspired and motivated to carve out your own path to success within the Greene King family. 

Avril’s career journey at Greene King 

Avril's story begins as a dedicated Business Development Manager (BDM) within our bustling Urban Pub Division, overseeing a portfolio of 18 pubs spanning Edinburgh City Center to North East England. 

I was attracted to Greene King by a combination of factors, from the scale and diversity of our business formats to our unwavering focus on people and continuous development. 

"Being part of a team is very important to me. I enjoyed building the business and driving our KPIs in line with our Dartboard measures but wanted to try something new within a people-focused role." 

Seeking a change to a people-focused role and greater flexibility in location, they made the leap to our Head Office. 

My current role is Change Manager within the transformation team. This is a new role within the Change team and supports the people experience projects within the business.”

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How pub experience is valuable in Head Office jobs 

The transition from pubs to Head Office was seamless, thanks to the invaluable skills and experiences gained from their pub job. 

"The understanding of how things work in pubs, the challenges, and the ways of working were immensely valuable."

These learnings provided a solid foundation for their new role and helped to build supportive relationships along the way. 

Career growth and support at Greene King 

With unwavering support from their manager and the broader team, they were encouraged to explore new opportunities and expand their skill set. At Greene King, we are committed to employee development. 

“I am immensely grateful for the support I received from my manager, who not only helped me network and take the lead on our ER cases but also facilitated my entry into the people network. 

From there, the people team provided invaluable support in accessing other opportunities that eventually led me to my new role. 

It was truly heartening to see other teams recognise the value of my skills and potential for growth in a new role." 

Carve your own path at Greene King 

"The knowledge you learn in pubs is a real advantage," they emphasise, highlighting the importance of pub experiences in supporting the transition. 

With our training and support, the journey to Head Office roles becomes well within reach. 

Start your career journey with Greene King today, and let us guide you toward a future filled with opportunity. 

Explore our Pub or Head Office jobs today. 

Here's to crafting your success story with Greene King!

Tom  Risley our consultant managing the role


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