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Top skills of a Pub Team Leader

Carol Watson our consultant managing the role

What are the top skills of a team leader? 

At the centre of our lively and dynamic atmosphere at Greene King, stand our Pub Team Leaders – the architects of the perfect pub experience. 

At Greene King, we understand that the heartbeat of our pubs lies in the leadership of our Pub Team. 

As a Pub Team Leader, it's not just about managing the shift; it's about orchestrating an experience where every detail matters. 

Here's why each of these skills creates Greene King magic:

Team Leader Skills 

1. A great eye for detail: ensuring every pint is poured to perfection

Pints aren't just drinks; they're crafted experiences. A Pub Team Leader with a keen eye ensures that every pint is poured with care that complements the warmth of our atmosphere. It's about setting the stage for a memorable pub visit. 

For centuries, our pubs have provided a welcoming place for people to be happy, laugh, be themselves and relax. 

As a Pub Team Leader, you’ll help keep this culture alive and be one of the reasons our customers come back time and time again. 

2. Being a role model: embodying the essence of great service and warm welcomes

Being a role model means setting the standard for warmth, friendliness, and a genuine welcome. 

One of our values is taking ownership and that means making great things happen and owning the outcomes. 

This looks like creating an environment where every customer feels not just served but cherished, turning each visit into a delightful memory. 

3. An ability to think on your feet: adapting to challenges during a busy shift

In the lively atmosphere of Greene King pub, no two shifts are the same. The ability to think on your feet is your superpower. 

Whether it's an unexpected rush or a challenging situation, you’ll navigate the unpredictability of a busy shift with grace, ensuring that every customer's experience remains unaffected by the hustle and bustle.

4. A positive can-do attitude: lighting up the atmosphere and being a real team player

In the world of Greene King, positivity is not just a trait; it's a culture. 

A Pub Team Leader with a positive can-do attitude is the sunshine that lights up our pubs. 

It's about radiating enthusiasm, uplifting the team, and infusing the atmosphere with energy. A real team player leads with positivity, making every shift not just efficient but enjoyable for the entire team. 

Bring your Team Leader skills to Greene King 

As a Pub Team Leader, you’ll bring a unique set of skills to the table – effective communication, adaptability, positive team culture, leading by example, and the ability to connect with customers. 

As we toast to the leaders who elevate every pub visit, we invite people with a passion for hospitality and a knack for leadership to join Greene King. 

Explore our Pub Team Leader jobs today. 

Carol Watson our consultant managing the role


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