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What do pub team leaders do?

Carol Watson our consultant managing the role

What is a Team Leader job?

As a Team Leader at Greene King, you’ll lead by example, making sure the team have everything they need so the shift runs like clockwork! 

This looks like making sure the team maintain high standards and that our customers are kept happy. After all, customers are at the heart of everything we do at Greene King. 


Roles and responsibilities of a Pub Team Leader

Who you’ll work with

Top skills of a Team Leader

Differences between a Manager and Team Leader

What Does A Team Leader Do: Roles & Leader Responsibilities

Greene King pubs have always been the beacon for communities. Our Team Leaders play a very important role in creating an enjoyable atmosphere where people can come together and have a good time. Here are some of the responsibilities of a Pub Team Leader: 

  • Provide customers with a heartfelt and memorable experience each and every time they visit
  • Cover for the management team and resolve any issues that arise in their absence
  • Help organise and coordinate the team during a busy shift, making sure everything runs like clockwork
  • Make sure the bar is always safe, legal, and clean, and any issues are dealt with as quickly and safely as possible

Who Do Team Leaders Work With?

As a Team Leader, you’ll be working with a lot of different team members in the business so collaboration will be a key skill you’ll hone in this role. 

In fact, one of the behaviours that guide us is to ‘connect’. This means communicating with respect and impact, building relationships, and demonstrating care and inclusion. And as a Team Leader, you’ll demonstrate these values to your team. 

  • Bar & Wait Staff: As a team leader in the pub, you'd work alongside the bar and wait staff, guiding and training them to give top-notch service, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and making sure customers' needs are met.
  • Kitchen Staff: Your role involves close collaboration with the kitchen team, coordinating orders, guaranteeing high-quality food and service, and creating a strong team dynamic for smooth kitchen operations.
  • Pub Management: You'll be in constant communication with pub management, sharing team performance updates and suggesting ways to make things better. 
  • Customers: Interacting with customers is key! You'll actively seek their feedback, quickly address any issues, and ensure a friendly environment, striving to make their time at the pub memorable and enjoyable.

Top skills of a Team Leader

  • Effective communication: Pub team leaders must communicate clearly with staff and customers to ensure smooth operations and excellent service.
  • Organisational skills: These skills help pub team leaders manage inventory, schedules, and the overall environment efficiently for a well-structured and functional pub.
  • Problem-solving: Pub team leaders need strong problem-solving abilities to address issues swiftly and maintain seamless operations, especially during busy periods.
  • Team building and leadership: Building a cohesive team and providing effective leadership is crucial for fostering a positive work culture and delivering exceptional customer experiences in a pub setting.
  • Working towards organisational objectives: Aligning the team's efforts with the pub's goals and ensuring everyone works together to achieve these objectives is vital for the pub team leader's success.

Differences Between a Manager & Team Leader

  • Pub Team Leader Jobs: These roles are more about leading a specific group within the pub, like the folks behind the bar or the kitchen team. Team leaders focus on making sure their team works well, gets things done right, and keeps their part of the pub running smoothly.

Bring communities closer together as a Pub Team Leader

Joining Greene King as a pub team leader isn't just about leading a team; it's about shaping the heartbeat of a bustling pub environment. 

It's an opportunity to inspire and guide a team towards excellence while being a pivotal part of delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

At Greene King, your leadership matters. Apply to our Team Leader positions today

Carol Watson our consultant managing the role


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