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Can You Become a Chef With An Apprenticeship? How To Get A Chef Apprenticeship Explained

Lucy  Richardson our consultant managing the role

What is a Chef Apprenticeship?

We understand that becoming a Chef is no piece of cake, but with Greene King’s comprehensive Apprenticeship programme, we’ll help you to get to grips with the basics of working in a busy kitchen in no time. 

Our Chef Apprenticeships are designed to set you up for success in the culinary world and are a great way to get your foot in the door and your hands dirty. 

What is the Chef Apprenticeship programme?

You’ll learn how to prepare, cook, and present food that meets specifications and customer expectations while ensuring kitchen hygiene and safety. Here’s everything you need to know to become a Chef with an Apprenticeship: 

How to become a Chef Apprentice

Requirements for a Chef Apprenticeship

There are no entry requirements to any of our apprenticeship programmes – we are looking for personality and passion! 

If you do not have GCSE Maths and English, we can help you work towards Functional Skills as part of the programme.

After completing your apprenticeship, you’ll walk away with a Chef Apprenticeship Qualification,  a nationally recognised apprenticeship standard (devolved nations). 

What qualifications do Chefs need?

Typically, Chef roles do not require specific educational qualifications. Chefs in the hospitality industry mostly gain hands-on experience in the kitchen in entry-level positions and work their way up the ranks. 

That being said, many chefs do complete culinary programs and obtain certifications that add to their credibility and refine their skills. 

Culinary Apprenticeship skills you’ll gain

Our programmes are designed to help you become an invaluable member of the kitchen team. This means you’ll be picking up all the necessary skills and knowledge you need to build a tasty career: 

  • Food safety and hygiene: mastering sanitation regulations, proper food handling, and maintaining a clean, safe kitchen environment. 
  • Organisational skills: you’ll learn how to work in a fast-paced kitchen whilst delivering high-quality meals to customers on time. 
  • Professional development: you’ll keep up to date with new products, menus and promotions.
  • Communication: properly communicating with your team reduces the chance of any mishaps, ensures safety, and improves customer satisfaction. 
  • Customer service: understanding your customers, tweaking meals to meet customer needs, and delivering a positive dining experience.  Customers are the heart of Greene King and this is one of the values that our teams live and breathe every day. 

Why you should consider a Chef Apprenticeship with Greene King 

We’ve partnered with Lifetime to offer an amazing opportunity for our Chef Apprentices to immerse themselves in four distinct culinary masterclasses: desserts, vegan & vegetarian, meat & poultry, and seafood. 

Our Chef Academy is a unique chance to learn and earn simultaneously, build a culinary career, and work alongside professionals.

The Chef Academy is designed to train the next generation of leading chefs. 

Are you passionate about food? Kickstart your culinary career

As an Apprentice Chef, your passion for all things food and the desire to make the perfect dish every time is what sets you apart. 

Embrace the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals, immerse yourself in diverse culinary techniques, and carve your path towards becoming a skilled chef. 

Turn your passion into a career and apply to Greene King Chef Apprenticeships today

Frequently asked questions

Is a Chef Apprenticeship Any Good?

A Chef Apprenticeship can be incredibly beneficial for people aspiring to make it in the culinary world. 

These types of programmes provide a solid foundation for aspiring chefs, combine practical experience, mentorship, and skill development, whilst also setting the stage for a fulfilling and successful career in the culinary arts.

What Does a Culinary Apprenticeship Get You That Traditional Education Doesn't?

A culinary apprenticeship gives you practical, hands-on experience in a real kitchen, working alongside experienced chefs who become your mentors. 

It looks like learning on the job, facing real challenges, and getting immediate feedback. You'll build skills faster because you're applying what you learn right away, plus you get to network and make connections in the culinary world while earning some money.

Lucy  Richardson our consultant managing the role


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