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Why working in a pub is the best seasonal job

Charley  Young our consultant managing the role

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Thinking about working during the festive season this year? This is your sign to go for it! 

The lively and welcoming atmosphere of a pub is next to none and promises an enjoyable mix of work and social interaction. 

Joining Greene King will take your seasonal job experience to new heights, offering a place where you can grow and build connections. Let’s jump into five great reasons why working in our pub is the best choice for a seasonal job: 

Enjoy the festive atmosphere

The festive atmosphere in a pub is simply unbeatable and what’s even better is you will be spreading joy to our customers. Whether you are pouring a drink or serving up happiness, the ambience you and your team create will be infectious. 

We pour happiness into lives in every way we can. Customers visit our pubs, restaurants, and hotels to enjoy memorable and fun experiences. And this is no different for our teams. 

Build on your skill set

From customer service and time management to communication and teamwork, a pub job can help you to develop or enhance key skills that are transferable to a lot of different career paths. 

Working with people from all walks of life in a bustling environment can improve your ability to adapt and handle a bunch of workplace scenarios. 

What’s more, you can spice up your CV with these new skills and use them in any future jobs. 

Turn your seasonal job into a permanent job

 A seasonal job is a great way to get your foot in the door, learn the basics of the pub floor and the business, and connect with your team. 

This stepping stone is an opportunity to explore other careers within the business. Take Natalie, for example, who started as a seasonal temp and is now a Digital Administrator. 

At Greene King, you’ll have a range of exciting roles to explore and progress into and both your managers and team will always support you in getting there. 

Some extra money for the holiday season 

One of the most enticing parts of a seasonal pub job is the chance to earn extra money during the holiday season. 

The festive season can be an expensive one with gift-giving traditions, or even if you just want to create a memorable holiday experience, and a pub job allows you to spend and indulge in festivities without having to worry about finances. 

Perks and benefits of a pub job

Not only will you be in a job you enjoy, but there are perks and benefits that come with the job too. 

For example, at Greene King, you’ll unlock 33% off food and drink at our restaurants and pubs, half-price hotel stays, and a 15% discount for your nearest and dearest. 

If this doesn’t make you a hit with your family and friends, we don’t know what will! 

We also know that life is expensive for everyone. That’s why we’ve built financial support into our benefits to help. We’ve got you covered if you need to get paid early, access a grant for those unexpected life emergencies, or shop for less at major UK retailers. 

And this just touching the surface of the perks and benefits you’ll enjoy at Greene King. 

Find a job you love for the festive season with Greene King 

Joining Greene King for a seasonal pub job isn't just an opportunity; it's an invitation to be part of something special. 

With flexible hours that cater to your needs, you'll not only earn extra for the holidays but also build a varied skill set. 

Embrace this festive season with Greene King, and let's create unforgettable experiences together. Apply to our seasonal pub jobs today

Charley  Young our consultant managing the role


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