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3 quick steps to help you find your next kitchen job

Lindsey  Butler our consultant managing the role

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Searching for your next big kitchen job? At Greene King, we’re looking for Kitchen Managers, Kitchen Assistants, and Chefs to serve up some delicious dishes in our kitchens. 

Finding the perfect kitchen job can seem like navigating a maze but with our 3 top tips, you’ll be on your way to landing the right one for you in no time at all. So put on your chef’s hat and let’s start your culinary journey right now! 

1. Figure out what kitchen job would suit you best

Whether you are just starting out in your kitchen career or you are a master chef, you’ll need to think about more than what food you want to cook, it’s about the environment you want to work in, the people you’ll work with, and the tasks that you’d want to get stuck into. Wherever you are on your journey, you’ve got options. 

Here are a few jobs we have to offer at Greene King: 

  • Kitchen Assistant - you’ll be working your magic behind the scenes, prepping fresh ingredients and keeping the kitchen spick and span. 
  • Chef - you’ll be cooking and assembling dishes that taste great, look insta-worthy, and always turn up on time. 
    • Kitchen Manager - you’ll be inspiring our teams as they make and serve up food that delights our customers.

You’ll have the freedom to grow and succeed in whatever way you wish, whether it’s a clean progression to Kitchen Assistant to Kitchen Manager or choosing another path within the pub. Either way, you’ll be cooking up happiness as you work and learn together with your team. 

2. Sharpen up your skills 

Brush up on your knowledge and skills or take them to the next level by upskilling yourself. The more skills you bring to the table, the more likely you are to secure the kitchen job of your dreams. 

For example, if you are looking to make the jump from Chef to Kitchen Manager, then you might want to take on more responsibility and hone your leadership skills. Not only will this highlight you are someone who takes initiative, but it also shows that you can take on new challenges and are passionate about your kitchen career. 

Here at Greene King, we make great things happen. So, taking this extra step will make you stand out in the interview process. 

3. Craft a delicious CV 

Your CV is a first impression and how you can get your foot in the door. So, you’ll want to carefully craft a CV that showcases your previous kitchen experience and skills. Beyond this, you’ll want to highlight your passion for food, customer service, and how you can get things done in a fast-paced environment. 

Every one of our 39,000-strong team act as custodians of great British hospitality at Greene King. Keeping the original social network alive, it's part of our DNA – it’s what we do. So, when we are looking at CVs, not only are we looking for people with the right skills and experience, but we are also looking for people who share our values and add to our culture

Are you the missing ingredient? 

So there you have it. A recipe for success to help you with your search for the perfect kitchen job. With these tips, you’re sure to be on your way to cooking up happiness.

If you’re ready to deliver outstanding value, unforgettable service, and unbeatable quality, we’ve got a spot for you in one of our Greene King kitchens. Cook up a career with us today as one of our Kitchen Managers, Kitchen Assistants, or Chefs.

Lindsey  Butler our consultant managing the role


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