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4 tips to kickstart your HR career with Greene King

Charlotte  Insley  (She/Her) our consultant managing the role

If keeping people happy and fulfilled gets you fired up, we’ve got a spot for you on the Greene King HR team. You’ll help team members get the recognition, training and support they need to thrive and build a place where everyone wants to work. We put our people first and our fantastic HR team plays a key role in achieving this. 

What is HR? 

HR stands for Human Resources, this team manages the employee lifecycle - from interviewing and hiring candidates to making sure that the workplace is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. 

If you are looking to be the voice of your colleagues and are passionate about people, HR could be the career path for you. Within HR, there are a range of exciting roles for you to explore such as Employee Relations, HR Business Partnering, Recruitment, Learning and Development and more. So you can support people at different stages of their careers in different ways. 

Here are 4 tips to kickstart your HR career: 

Develop strong communication skills

Your communication will be clear, simple, unambiguous and well-structured. You’ll be interacting with colleagues at all levels within our business and you’ll need the confidence to onboard new employees, give feedback to managers on performance, and tell people about their promotions! 

A career in HR is a unique opportunity to work with a lot of different people, take their ideas, and turn them into reality. 

Strong communication is important in this career as it empowers you to build positive relationships across the business, relay important information and ensures everyone feels seen and heard. 

Lead with empathy and compassion 

Our culture is deeply rooted in friendships, relationships and camaraderie. It's our teams who help keep this culture alive. We listen to the many voices that are helping us on the journey to make Greene King a great place to work, we’re building an empowering and uplifting culture where everyone can feel like they belong. 

Leading with empathy and compassion builds trust in your teams. This means everyone feels comfortable approaching HR for chats when things are going well and when there is room for improvement. 

Embrace a continuous learning mindset 

A continuous learning mindset is where you are open to learning and developing your skills to become a seasoned HR professional. This is especially important as HR practices and employment laws are constantly changing. 

One of our behaviours is growing. This means we learn together and adapt and grow with the business so your team will be right there with you learning about the latest industry trends. 

While our teams are diverse, our behaviours are what we have in common. 

Tailor your CV and interview for HR jobs 

You’ll want to show off your HR knowledge and skills through your CV and in your interviews. Think about any experiences you have that emphasise your passion for people, any transferable skills that would be relevant, and the reasons you would like to start a career in HR. 

Going back to our first tip, if you can clearly communicate your passion, knowledge, and skills, through the interview process, this will increase your chances of starting a successful career in HR. 

Join the Greene King HR team 

HR is a good place to start your career as you’ll be making a positive impact on people, there’s a lot of variety in the work, you’ll be continuously learning new things, and there is room to grow and develop. 

What are you waiting for you? Take these tips and kickstart your Greene King HR career by applying today

Charlotte  Insley  (She/Her) our consultant managing the role


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