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What do you do as Bar Staff?

AJ Pupkevic our consultant managing the role

What do you do as Bar Staff?

We may be famous for our beer, but working as Bar Staff is much more than pulling pints. It’s about knowing what a customer likes before they even know themselves. Choosing the perfect bottle of wine. Making cocktails that will make someone’s day.


If you are passionate about customer service and pouring happiness into lives, we’ve got a spot for you at Greene King. You are probably wondering what you can expect on the job and what kind of people we are on the search for, so continue reading to learn our industry secrets!

What will my day look like?

We’re on a mission to become the pride of British hospitality and you’ll of course play a role in helping us to achieve this. Here are some ways that you’ll be contributing to our mission on the day-to-day as a member of our team:


      Serving up refreshing and mouthwatering drinks

      Keeping the bar area clean and tidy

      Handling cash and card payments

      Providing a 5-star customer service

      Following health and safety guidelines

      Restocking the bar

Have you got pints of personality?

You’ll delight our customers again and again by serving up their favourite drinks exactly how they like them. Here are some of the skills you’ll need to raise the bar and leave all of our customers satisfied:


      Customer service - you’ll be at the frontlines of creating amazing memories for our customers through great customer service.

      Communication - you want to nail all your drink orders and serve up perfection every single time so you’ll need great communication skills with your team as well as your customers.

      Attention to detail - mixing up cocktails and taking payments means you’ll be detail-oriented so you can keep things running smoothly.

      Multitasking - working in the hustle and bustle of a pub or restaurant, you’ll be receiving multiple orders and you’ll need to keep tabs on all of them to get them served up!

      Problem-solving - you’ll be quick on your feet as you might face customer queries, or technical issues and being a good problem-solver means that you’ll take these problems in your stride.


Don’t have these skills yet? Do not worry! We will train and support you so you have everything you need to nail your job. Not to mention our bar and waiting apprenticeship. Whatever role you begin in, you’ll always find a great environment with a fun and supportive team encouraging you to learn and grow at Greene King.

Raise the bar at Greene King

If you’re a people person with a passion for the hospitality industry and are ready to serve up some drinks, why not consider a bar and waiting job at Greene King?


This is a great jumping off point for your career as the more you learn and grow with Greene King, the more opportunities you will unlock. We offer great progression opportunities whether you are looking to move up the ladder to management or pick up some new skills as a Greene King apprentice.


You know what they say? The time is now. So apply for our Bar jobs today. 
AJ Pupkevic our consultant managing the role


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