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How Tim landed his dream job with a Greene King Apprenticeship

Tom  Risley our consultant managing the role

Meet Tim Sparrow, the Head of Commercial for Pub Partners at Greene King, who not only landed his dream job but also carved his path through a fascinating Greene King Apprenticeship. 

Let’s dive into Tim's story - it's a real-life example of the awesome opportunities and growth you get at Greene King. 

Join the conversation as we check out Tim's career journey and the impact of a Greene King Apprenticeship.

Why Greene King?

"I was on the lookout for something new after changes at my previous workplace. A chat with a Greene King colleague got me fascinated with the world of leased and tenanted pubs. When the chance to transfer my skills to this dynamic environment arose, I jumped at it!" 

Tim's career journey at Greene King

Starting as a BDM in the Pub Partners division in 2018, Tim faced a steep learning curve but quickly embraced the role's variety. 

"It provided the opportunity to improve businesses, recruit great operators, and engage in transformative CAPEX investments."

Tim's journey saw him completing an MBA through the Greene King apprenticeship scheme, a significant milestone that paved the way for his current role as Head of Commercial. 

These apprenticeships aren't just about learning the ropes; they're like a fast track to career acceleration. You get hands-on experience, dive deep into the industry, and walk away not just with skills, but with the kind of know-how that propels you forward. 

How Greene King's supported Tim’s progression

"My experience has been in Pub Partners, but exposure to various teams and Greene King's diverse brands helped me understand the company's goals. This understanding has enabled me to contribute effectively in my roles and participate in cross-divisional projects."

Tim emphasised Greene King's unwavering support, especially in pursuing his MBA. 

“I've already alluded to my MBA, which has been a huge step and satisfied a major ambition of mine. I'm not sure I could have got there without Greene King and so I'm incredibly grateful for that support. The people in the business are constantly striving to support personal and professional growth and do a great job at it.”

At Greene King, support isn't just a word; it's a hands-on commitment. 

Whether it's offering professional development opportunities, creating a nurturing work environment, or recognising and celebrating individual contributions, Greene King is all about backing their employees every step of the way. And this is backed up by our values

The heart of working at Greene King

"What I love about working here is the day-to-day variety and the people. It's a sector that offers a great balance of fun, opportunity, and reward." 

Our culture is deeply rooted in friendships, relationships and camaraderie. It's our teams who help keep our culture alive and are the reason our customers come back time and time again. 

Tim's advice for future Greene King joiners

"If you get an opportunity to join this business, I would absolutely grab it with both hands! 

There's an immense sense of community and togetherness here, coinciding with the positive culture and dedication to mutual success. My only regret is not joining Greene King sooner."

Join us at Greene King, where your career can be as exceptional as the dishes we serve!

Tim's journey from curiosity to success at Greene King showcases the incredible possibilities within the company. 

If you're considering a career at Greene King, don't miss out on the chance to be part of a community that fosters growth, values individual contributions, and thrives on shared success. 

Explore Greene King Apprenticeships and kickstart your own remarkable journey.

Tom  Risley our consultant managing the role


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