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No A-Levels, no problem: How to secure a great job without formal qualifications

Lucy  Richardson our consultant managing the role

Did you know that nearly half of the UK’s workforce doesn’t have a degree? 

Only 42% of the workforce holds a degree, and yet, many are thriving in their careers, finding joy and success in various fields. If you’re a school leaver worried about your future because you don’t have A-levels, don’t worry because there is a world of opportunities out there for you.

At Greene King, we believe that passion, drive and the right support can take you far, even without any previous education or qualifications. We value practical skills and on-the-job training, opening doors to anyone interested in customer service and willing to learn. 

Read on to hear more about what jobs you can do with no qualifications needed, with us.

No A-levels are required for hospitality apprenticeships

Jobs with no qualifications are where apprenticeships come in. This is also a great route if you are wondering how to get a job when you have no experience. It all starts with taking the opportunity to learn everything while you do the job.

We have one of the best apprenticeship programs in the hospitality industry. It is designed to equip you with everything you need to kick-start your career in hospitality with no qualifications.

What makes Apprenticeships so great?

  • Learning while earning! You’ll gain valuable experience with practical on-the-job training with structured learning and getting paid at the same time.
  • You’ll have a mentor who is an expert in hospitality, that will guide you through the program to support your development and success.
  • Once you complete your apprenticeship you will be qualified to take your hospitality career to the next step with a higher earning potential and progression.

Apprenticeship success stories 

We have had many apprentices over the years who have gone on to achieve their goals and great success in the program. 

Many young people have joined us straight out of school, without any formal qualifications but had great work ethic and dedication to grow in hospitality. 

Claire joined us as an apprentice and recently completed her Level 3 supervisor apprenticeship with us and now she will go on to the management development program next.

These are our top 3 key areas for apprenticeship routes:

  • Chef - you’ll also get the chance to work and learn from some of the best-seasoned pros in the kitchen.
  • Bar and waiting - Whether it’s recommending food dishes or learning how to pour the perfect pint, we will help you get up to speed in no time.
  • Team Leader - we will build your confidence and skills to take on more responsibility within the pub and take your first steps into line management.

Why choose Greene King?

Joining Greene King isn’t just about a job, it's about joining a community that celebrates diversity and encourages personal growth. 

We are about more than just pubs and brewing, we are passionate about creating experiences and nurturing potential. We work as a team, support each other and add an element of fun to our days.

With us, you will make history and enrich the lives of your local community. We have built a strong reputation for excellence in customer service, serving delicious meals, and bringing people together since 1799. 

While working with us you will be bringing joy in people's lives and towards a greener world as we are committed to reaching the Net Zero initiative across all our establishments.

Seize the opportunity this summer to kick start your career in hospitality

If you are leaving school this summer and aren’t fancying uni , finding the right job might be the next thought on your mind. 

At Greene King, we offer a welcoming and rewarding environment where you can grow from no previous experience or qualifications. We have opportunities all over the UK with 1600 pubs, restaurants and hotels looking for passionate people interested in hospitality.

Join us this summer in creating memorable experiences, where opportunities are endless and success is celebrated. Apply to our bar and waiting roles that require no qualifications or experience, just your commitment.

Cheers to new beginnings and a rewarding career!

Lucy  Richardson our consultant managing the role


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