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Empowering Digital Innovation: Victoria Pemberton’s Journey at Greene King

Alison  Connaughton (She/Her) our consultant managing the role

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At Greene King, we believe in delivering exceptional digital experiences to our customers. This philosophy is embodied by Victoria, our Digital Test Lead whose passion and expertise ensure that our digital platforms meet the highest standards of quality.

Victoria oversees a talented team of Digital Test Analysts who meticulously test and refine multiple platforms. From ideation to launch, they work tirelessly to identify and resolve any potential issues, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of perfection. This rigorous approach guarantees that our customers can engage with our digital offerings seamlessly and intuitively.

Making Ideas Happen

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For Victoria, the journey of transforming a concept into a polished reality is a source of immense pride and fulfilment. "There is something about being able to see a product go from conception to release and know that you have been part of the quality within that product that has kept me enthused with the work," she shares. 

This passion for ensuring excellence drives her team to continually push boundaries and approach challenges with fresh perspectives. "It's so exciting and so motivating to see this happen and for people to give us the backing to make a truly incredible digital journey for our customers." 

Keeping Up With Progress

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In an industry where everything moves fast, staying up-to-date is key. Victoria employs a multifaceted approach to remain informed, including researching social media trends, exploring new tools and functionalities introduced by third-party companies, and keeping a keen eye on technology news and blogs. 

"There's a wealth of resources available nowadays," she explains. "It's easier than ever to keep updated on new and emerging tech and gain an understanding of how you, or your company, can potentially use it to your advantage."

Her favourite gadget? "My Apple Watch – I get excited every day completing those activity rings. It's simple but very motivating."

Overcoming Gender Bias

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As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, Victoria has faced her fair share of challenges. "I think the obvious and well-documented one would be men treating me, and other women, with a lack of respect with regards to the work we complete and the ability to complete that work as well as they can," she acknowledges. 

However, her unwavering determination and belief in her team's abilities have helped her overcome these obstacles time and time again. "I have always been, and will continue to be, a firm believer that if you are determined enough and put in the work, anyone can do anything. I try to do my best to instil this ethos into my team and hope that I can lead by example."

Victoria says her greatest source of inspiration comes from her two daughters. "They truly inspire me to be the best I can be," she says. "I want to show them that they can be strong women, they can have incredible careers, and they can drive themselves to whatever they want to be in the future."

To other women starting tech careers, Victoria has this sage advice: "Be yourself. Speak out when things don't feel fair, or you feel judged when there should be no judgement." 

Life at Greene King

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At Greene King, Victoria and her team play a pivotal role raising the bar for our digital platforms.

While Victoria’s entry into the tech industry may have been serendipitous, her commitment to continuous learning and growth is unwavering. "Now, 20+ years later, I am still very much enjoying the work that I do and what I can help others with too," she says. 

"Having worked in testing and quality assurance for most of my career, I feel like I am able to now start giving back things I have learned to the rest of my team, alongside them teaching me. It's a great place to be."

"Greene King has a presence about it. When I say I work for Greene King to friends and family, I am proud to do so. The people within the company are second to none, I haven’t worked somewhere before where I have felt so at home and so personally invested in doing the very best that I can."

Are you ready to be a part of this exciting journey and make your mark in the tech world? Explore our IT jobs at Greene King and join a team that values diversity, inclusion, and innovation. Apply today and help us shape the future of technology!

Alison  Connaughton (She/Her) our consultant managing the role


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