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What to expect as a Bar and Waiting Apprentice

Lindsey  Butler our consultant managing the role

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We all know that first impressions count and you’re often the first person the customer sees. As a bar and waiting apprentice, you’re not just serving food and drinks, you’re crafting unforgettable experiences from the moment customers walk through the door. In this dynamic apprenticeship, excellence in customer service takes centre stage, equipping you with the prowess to tackle challenges head-on while ensuring seamless operations behind the scenes. Are you ready to delve into the world as an apprentice?

What does a bar and waiting Apprentice do?

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As a Bar and Waiting apprentice, you’re not just stepping into a job, you’re entering a world where every drink poured, and every dish served is a chance to create magic. As you learn to understand your customers on a deeper level, you’ll know their preferences like a book, anticipating their every need before they even realise it themselves.

But it’s not just about the customers. You’ll also discover the importance of syncing your service style with the unique atmosphere of different pubs. From a lunch time rush to a lively Friday night, you’ll adapt your approach to match the energy of the space, creating an unforgettable experience for every customer.

You’ll understand the importance of maintaining and monitoring quality standards to ensure top-notch services every time. And that’s not all, you’ll also gain hands on experience in preparing, serving and storing beverages, as well as handling food service and processing payments with finesse.

Alongside these skills, you’ll develop key behaviours such as keeping up to date with the wider hospitality industry, taking personal accountability and fostering teamwork and collaboration. With a focus on improving customer service and effectively communicating whilst upholding business and brand standards, you’ll be equipped to thrive in the world of hospitality.

Why become a bar and waiting Apprentice?

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Imagine earning while soaking up valuable knowledge – that’s the beauty of an apprenticeship. No need to fret about getting to college; with this apprenticeship you’ll get hands-on experience without having to set foot in a lecture hall.

You’ll enjoy a dynamic blend of face-to-face interactions, engaging webinars, and immersive virtual classrooms, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. And here’s the cherry on top: just three hours of self-study per week are required, making it easier to balance your learning with your day-to-day responsibilities.

Here's what our Apprentice's have to say...

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Katie Henderson
Level 2 Bar & Waiting

"In my own opinion, the best part of the apprenticeship is being able to develop my understanding and knowledge of the business and various hospitality sectors I may come across. I have developed confidence when communicating with customers as well as getting to know the customers." 

Ashley Coleman
Level 3 Bar & Waiting

"My apprenticeship has boosted my confidence, helped deal with confrontation, taught me management skills and how to adapt to different scenarios." 

Tyler Ansty
Level 2 Bar & Waiting

"My general manager told me about the apprenticeship, and I jumped right in since college wasn’t right for me. Being on the programme boosted my confidence and gave me practical life and work skills. " 

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If this opportunity has ignited your curiosity and you're ready to take the next step, you can register your interest here.

Lindsey  Butler our consultant managing the role


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