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Introduction to Greene King’s Employee-Led Inclusion Groups

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Here at Greene King, inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword, it’s more than that. We're working hard to make Everyday Inclusion a reality for all our people, every day. 

By listening to the many voices that are helping us on the journey to make Greene King a great place to work, we’re building an empowering and uplifting culture where everyone can feel like they belong. But how? 

One of the ways we are doing this is through our Employee-Led Inclusion Groups or ELIG. 

What is the purpose of our ELIG? 

Our Employee-Led Inclusion Groups are focused on true inclusion for all, each with a different focus area. We're led by people from all kinds of jobs, from all parts of the business and from all different backgrounds, some from the community we represent, some Allies. 

These groups curate a calendar of key events – setting the agenda that drives change, raises awareness and encourages everyone to build their knowledge of all things inclusion. 

Through educating everyone in our business, we are striving to celebrate what we all have in common, as well as what makes us unique. So, let’s learn more about our 4 Employee-Led Groups and all the positive work they are doing to further our mission

Greene Sky 

Greene Sky focuses on supporting women within the organisation. 

The group is made up of like-minded individuals from across the business who actively influence and inform the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on key topics such as menopause education, celebrating women, progressing careers, and combating sexism. 

Their mission is to propel Greene King towards greater inclusion and diversity, aiming for a 50% gender balance in senior roles by 2030. 

Greene Sky has contributed significantly, shaping policies like maternity and menopause, and their future goals include continued advocacy, awareness-raising, and further enhancing internal mobility

Village Green 

Village Greene is dedicated to educating, advocating, and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, both within and beyond the company. 

Their mission revolves around fostering an environment where everyone, including employees and customers, can confidently embrace their true, authentic selves. 

One of their notable accomplishments includes winning the Rainbow Honours in 2022 for Best Newcomer Network. This group has also launched a Pronouns Partnership with Switchboard which is a policy that encourages employees to share their pronouns on their email addresses and signatures as well as their Teams profiles. 


Unity focuses on true inclusion for all, particularly emphasising equality for minority ethnic team members. 

Their objective is to ensure that every peer feels acknowledged and heard, creating a space for sharing experiences and stories. This group supports Greene King's Inclusion and Diversity Strategy by organising inclusive events, raising awareness, and aspiring for a better future.

Through various means such as events, food, music, and conversation, Unity aims to educate the organisation and shed light on crucial areas. 

One of their significant accomplishments includes collaboration with a local chef to introduce Jamaican-inspired dishes


Ability has a dedicated focus on disability with this group’s mission revolving around creating a truly disability-confident environment within the business. 

They aim to support colleagues, families of colleagues, and guests with various disabilities by offering advice, and guidance, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere. 

Ability's purpose is to ensure an accessible environment, highlight the impact of disabled team members, encourage more disabled individuals to join their teams, raise awareness of different disabilities, and support the creation of a welcoming space for all disabled customers. 

Notable accomplishments include collaboration on inclusive job role advertisements and disabled parking bays at the head office. 

Looking ahead, Ability aspires to support and collaborate with colleagues and employees caring for others, enhance customer focus in pubs, and achieve the Disability Confident Level 2 Employer status. 

Be part of a truly inclusive community at Greene King 

If you’re looking for a workplace that champions diversity and inclusion, Greene King is the place for you. Embrace a career that celebrates your uniqueness and encourages you to grow and learn. 

Ready to embark on this exciting adventure? Then start your inclusive career with us by applying to our jobs

Or learn more about inclusion and diversity at Greene King

Ability our consultant managing the role
Author Ability


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