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How do i transfer to different pubs across greene king?

Charley  Young our consultant managing the role

Looking a Change this Summer ? Greene King Serves Up Flexibility

Summer is the time for new adventures. A break from everyday routines. 

Whether you're a student heading home, staying with friends in another part of the country, or simply wanting to do some exploring – Greene King's internal transfer program allows you to shake things up temporarily without giving up your job.

There's no need to quit the team you love just because your summer takes you elsewhere. Our program gives you the flexibility to transfer to any one of our 1,600 pubs and brands across the UK. Spend time in new locations, try out different pub concepts, and maintain your employee benefits and discounts – all without the hassle of starting your hiring journey from scratch.

Pick Up New Skills and Experiences

One of the great benefits of transferring locations is getting to experience the diverse pub settings Greene King has cultivated across its portfolio of brands. Maybe you'll trade the traditional cosiness of your local Hungry Horse for the modern flair of a Metropolitan Pub. Or swiftly take your skills from a Flaming Grill to a Farmhouse Inn.

From lively sports bars to family-friendly destinations, Greene King offers an incredible variety of hospitality settings to explore. Our internal mobility program provides a unique opportunity to gain exposure to different operating models and vibes – without having to give up your job or start all over again.

Score Your Summer Transfer Easily

Our transfer process is designed to be a simple, seamless, stress-free experience. There's no lengthy application or rehiring hoops to jump through. Just tell your manager where you’d like to be when the transfer window opens. They'll then work with operations to find suitable openings that match your skills and requirements.

Once a spot is identified at a pub in your target area, you'll interview with the prospective host pub's manager. This allows them to learn about your skills and ensure it's a good fit – with terms mutually agreed before you start your summer job. Whether weeks or months, this timeline is flexible based on your plans.

And when your summer adventure comes to a close? Simply request to return to your original Greene King pub. You may even start planning to do the same over Christmas!

But what if you love your new surroundings? You're welcome to request an extension and may even start the process of moving over for good. This programme is here for when plans change, and will keep the door open at whichever base best suits.

Start Exploring Today

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got plans to make moves this summer, speak to your manager about requesting an internal transfer today. Or you can visit the Greene King careers site to browse current openings at other pubs and initiate the process yourself.

We can’t wait to help you experience new communities while remaining a valued member of our team. This is your summer, your career – the journey is yours to shape!

Charley  Young our consultant managing the role


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