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Why a pub job is the perfect summer job

Charley  Young our consultant managing the role

Soak Up Good Vibes With Summer Jobs at Greene King

As the warm weather arrives and the days grow longer, there's no better place to soak up the summer vibes than at a Greene King pub. 

Whether you're a student seeking extra income, a school worker on summer break, or simply looking for a flexible job to complement your lifestyle, our seasonal roles are bringing the summer spirit to everyone.

Bask in the Lively Atmosphere 

In our pubs, the summer vibe is unparalleled. Whatever your role, you'll deliver top-notch customer service and soak up the carefree energy that defines a Great British summer. Whether that's the joy of spending an afternoon in a sun-drenched beer garden, or commiserating a rainy day in July under shelter with good company.

As a member of our team, you'll be at the heart of this vibrant energy, playing a vital role in creating the kind of memorable experiences that keep our customers coming back again and again, whatever the weather.

Develop Skills that Shine all Year Round

A summer job at Greene King is about so much more than just earning extra cash. It's an opportunity to hone a diverse array of skills that will serve you well, no matter what your future holds. Every day is a chance to enhance your communication and teamwork abilities in the fast-paced, people-focused environment of our pubs – providing endless avenues for professional growth.

We’ve got team members who started as seasonal temps and are now thriving in management roles. Our supportive managers and close-knit teams will encourage you to explore different paths within the business, turning your seasonal role into a potential long-term career.

Enjoy Perks that Make Your Summer Shine

The long, sunny days of summer are all about making the most of your free time and creating lasting memories. As a seasonal employee at Greene King, you'll not only earn extra cash to fund your adventures, but also enjoy a fantastic benefits package that includes 33% off food and drink, half-price hotel stays, and a 15% discount for your loved ones to enjoy with you.

We know that life is expensive right now, especially for people in temporary jobs. For those times where unexpected expenses pop up, we offer financial support programs, like early wage access and emergency grants, to help you navigate life's curveballs.

Find the Flexibility You Need to Embrace the Season

We understand that summer is a time of transition and unpredictability for many. That's why we've designed our seasonal pub roles to offer the flexibility you need, with hours and sites that can be tailored to your circumstances and availability. 

In between cities? No problem, Greene King has 2,700 pubs and restaurants across the UK with plenty of opportunities to move your shifts to new locations.

Ready to pour happiness into lives?

Embrace the vibes and live your best life this summer by earning extra cash, building your experience, and sharing the love of the season with our pub-goers.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Greene King team and let's raise a glass to the Great British summer together!

Charley  Young our consultant managing the role


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