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What does an Assistant Manager in a pub do?

Kelly  Batho our consultant managing the role

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What does an Assistant Manager in a pub do?

What is an Assistant Manager job?

As an Assistant Manager at Greene King, you’ll be at the heart of our management team helping to ensure the smooth running of a busy pub. 

From the moment you step through the door, you lead by example making sure our customers, and teams, have a great time. 

Are you interested in assistant manager positions? Learn more about the duties of an assistant manager, the qualifications needed for this role, what makes a good assistant manager, and who you’ll be working with. 

Assistant manager job description and duties 

  • Overseeing daily operations - support the General Manager in steering the day-to-day operations of the business. Stepping up when needed, you'll take charge in the GM's absence, ensuring everything runs smoothly, keeping the business in full swing.
  • Customer-centric leadership - we're all about giving customers top-notch experiences. You’ll lead the team by example, making sure every customer feels like a VIP. It's all about creating those wow moments that stick with them.
  • Nurturing team growth - be the go-to support for your team. Help them learn the ropes, grow their skills, and boost their confidence. It's about creating a team that's not just good but great at what they do.
  • Upholding brand excellence and safety - keep our standards sky-high and make sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to championing brand standards and safety. Keeping our customers and teams safe is a priority. 

What makes a good assistant manager: key skills 

  • A customer first approach - you're all about creating unforgettable experiences for our customers. It's your passion to see them leave with a smile, and you thrive on turning their day into something special.
  • A people person - your knack for dealing with people is top-notch. You've got this natural charm that shines through your communication skills, and your leadership style brings out the best in everyone. You're the kind of person who knows how to get the team firing on all cylinders.
  • Adaptable - things can get busy, but you thrive on it. You've got this uncanny ability to think fast on your feet and adapt to whatever curveball comes your way.
  • Detail-oriented - you've got a sharp eye for the little things. High standards are your game, and you make sure every detail is on point. From the tiniest to the biggest task, you're all about maintaining excellence in everything you do.

Who does the assistant manager work with?

Assistant Managers at Greene King pubs typically work closely with various people and teams. Here are some of the key people you’ll be working with: 

General Manager (GM)

Assistant Managers are right-hand partners to the General Manager, working together to keep things running smoothly at the pub. They lend a hand in managing day-to-day operations, making sure everything's ticking along just right.

Bar & Wait Staff

Assistant Managers roll up their sleeves and team up with the front-of-house crew, including the bar and wait staff. They guide, train, and support the team to ensure top-notch service and a seamless experience for our guests during busy hours.


Assistant Managers are there for our customers, ensuring they have a great time at the pub. From handling queries to resolving any issues that pop up, they keep an eye on the service, making sure it matches up to Greene King's high standards.

Kitchen Staff 

They also collaborate with the kitchen team and chefs. It's all about keeping the food service running smoothly, ensuring orders are on time, and maintaining top-notch quality and hygiene standards in our kitchen.

What qualifications do I need to be an Assistant Manager at Greene King? 

At Greene King, we're on the lookout for Assistant Managers who bring in the right set of transferable skills, vibe well with our awesome culture, and showcase our values

If you're enthusiastic, a great team player, and eager to dive into a dynamic pub environment, then we'd love to hear from you! 

Don't hesitate to hit that apply button on our Assistant Manager jobs and join our fantastic team. We can't wait to see what unique skills and energy you'll bring to the table!

Kelly  Batho our consultant managing the role


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