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Empowering Diversity in the Workplace

We are Unity, an internal voluntary-led group that focuses on true inclusion for all but with an emphasis on equality for Black, Asian and minority ethnic team members at Greene King. We’re led by people from all kinds of jobs, from all parts of the business and from all different backgrounds; some members of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community, some allies and some who are focused on learning more. We’re all united on making a difference.

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Our Mission

We are here to support Greene King’s Inclusion & Diversity vision…

To build and sustain a more diverse environment where all our people are embraced and valued for who they are so that they reach their full potential and thrive. To set the bar as an inclusive organisation where all feel a sense of belonging and are made welcome”

We have four objectives to help us do this:

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Our Objectives

Support Delivery of Greene King's Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

Support Delivery of Greene King's Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

To set the bar as an inclusive organisation where all feel a sense of belonging and are made welcome.

Activities Include:

- Reverse Mentoring
- Inclusion Training
- Policy Development
- Greene King Race Manifesto

Inclusion Calendar of Events

Continuous support and involvement with Greene King Inclusion Calendar notably in 2023

August - Slavery Remembrance Day
September - National Inclusion Week
October - Black History Month

This will also include intersectional support of other ELIG activities.


Support Greene King in raising community awareness through ongoing 'storytelling' of membership experiences.

- Encourage further allyship across Greene King
- Stay abreast of related global movements/activity

Future Aspirations

- Create a network, adding varied voices and opinions to Greene King
- Raise Unity's profile through visible merchandise e.g. Lanyards, pins/badges
- Run 2-3 panels per year
- Engage local pubs better in a community role

What we've achieved so far...

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Datties Soul Food Academy

In 2022, we partnered with Datties Soul Food Academy to create two new exclusive dishes, Jerk Chicken and Ribs, and a classic Jamaican Curry which have since made their debuts nationwide in Hungry Horse and Flaming Grill pubs.

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BYP Network Partnership

As part of our Race Manifesto, we have committed to double Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic representation in the business to 10% by 2030. We've partnered with BYP to help us amplify both our employer brand and our inclusion and diversity intent amongst their network.

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South Asian Heritage Month

We marked South Asian Heritage Month with compelling stories on music, food, sports, and personal heritage. Our recipe storytelling competition saw three finalists' dishes prepared by our Food Development team for everyone to enjoy.

What our Unity members have to say...

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"Unity will bring colour, vibrancy and education through events, food, music and conversation, supporting and embracing the agenda of making a difference for those underrepresented. "

Susie Kalsi - Senior HR Business Partner

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"You don't have to be Black or Asian to join the Unity group, you can join any group"

Pia Carson-Moore - Customer Sales Representative

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Future Aspirations

We are thrilled to share that we have some exciting plans for the future! Our ambition is to embrace and value our Black, Asian, and Minority Ethic colleagues as well as the wider community whilst increasing their representation within the hospitality Sector.

As part of our Race Manifesto, we made a commitment to double Black, Asian, and Minority Ethic representation in the business by 10% by 2030.

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How can you get involved?

After joining GK all team members get access to our internal communications platform, Kingdom where they can join our groups so that they can interact, share ideas and feedback on activity and progress.

If you're eager to join our journey, why not check out the roles we have available below?

our roles

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